Is your business safe from phishing? You may think your business is small fry for hackers, but the statistics suggest otherwise. According to research from the Federation of Small Businesses: 66% of small businesses have been the victim of cyber crime in the last two years. Small business will suffer on average 4 cyber crimes.. read more →

We work with computers, a lot. It’s kind of our thing.   So you might be surprised to learn we have a pretty strict no computer policy. Luckily for our technicians and the hundreds of small businesses we support in Bristol, this rule is only enforced for half an hour every week. The rest of the time.. read more →

Email signatures are an essential part of your company’s branding: they can include a logo, important company info, and other details you’d like every recipient of your messages to know. However, we’ve heard from clients who find that their lovingly crafted signatures don’t look right when they reach their destination – the fonts are wrong,.. read more →

Thank you to Matt Powell from Broadband Genie for submitting this article. The Online Security Basics You Need To Know The internet is vital for modern businesses but there are risks associated with the online world that everyone needs to consider. It’s important to protect the services and resources you use to run your company, and safeguard.. read more →

05 Feb 2016
February 5, 2016

Business Security: Laptops

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Business Security: What to do when a company laptop is lost or stolen The scenario: A client phoned us in a panic, their freelance bookkeeper’s laptop, containing confidential emails and access to the company’s Google Drive folders, had been stolen. This is not uncommon in the UK where, according to a study by tech research.. read more →