Responding to COVID-19

empty office with big conference style tables and black chairs

We are making some changes due to Covid-19. As of this week, we are all working from home. Remote working isn’t new to us, all of us have done it before – whether on a regular basis or sporadically (sicknesses, broken cars, snow days). However, never before have we all worked from home at the same time, and that will mean certain (minor) changes to our business.

In preparation, we have been re-checking and improving our home working set-ups to ensure we can work as normally. We are taking our work PCs home in order to keep company data on company devices only, we’ve already set up everyone with VPN, and some of us are even taking their work monitors home (multiple monitors tend to really improve our productivity).

We are doing this for two reasons. One, we want to support our staff who are concerned about Covid-19 and would prefer to socially distance. Two, as a company, we believe that the right thing is to help minimise the spread of the virus, especially when our government is failing to take the right steps. 

Our policy also includes stopping face to face meetings, as those can be carried as normally on Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Zoom, without having to expose our Geeks and Customers to unnecessary social situations. For the same reason, we will assess whether any in office hardware repairs and on-site visits requested are necessary and we will only attend issues critical to business continuity.

Helpdesk will operate as normally and we will provide remote support as always. We will still onboard new users and repair critical equipment, however our turnaround time will be 8 rather than 4 days, as there are some breaks in the supply chain and only those Geeks who don’t rely on public transport will be able to attend.

We would highly appreciate it if you let us know of any onboarding that you’re planning for the next month – that way we can make sure that all the equipment necessary arrives to your office (or your staff member’s house) on time.

We understand that although a lot of our clients are ready to work from home, some others will need advice and support, probably quite urgently. If there are specific changes that your business requires to keep on functioning, email [email protected] to open a ticket. 

If you’re not sure what else is required for your staff to work from home or need any other advice, please call us on 0117 369 4335. We’re here to help you in these times of change.

We will do everything that we can to maintain the highest possible level of service. We hope that you will understand and support our decision.