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In-house IT support is great, but it’s too expensive for most startups and growing businesses – why chose between hiring an operations manager and hiring a techie?

Meet our Geeks who work as an extension of your team. With over 30 years’ experience behind us in every area of tech support, we’ve got the expertise your business needs – and you don’t need to worry about holiday or sick leave cover!

Glen and Gildas working at computer

Gildas Jones

Chief Geek

I love meeting clients and talking through their business requirements and aims. When I’m not doing that, I’ll usually be writing quotes and proposals, managing staff, developing new products and services… or any of a hundred other tasks!

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Outside of family life I like to play badminton and tennis, which I’ve taken up in the last few years, it makes a good contrast to work.

Edoardo Ciccarelli

IT Security Geek & Business Support Geek

My job involves solving technology- or network-related problems for our customers and it often throws up some interesting challenges. I enjoy the variety.

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Out of work, I search for music gems to bring along my daily life and life-time adventures.

Glen Greenhalgh

Business Support Geek & Ops Manager

My job is calling and visiting businesses to troubleshoot their IT. My favourite parts of the job are taking on projects and solving problems. Every day brings something new!

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Outside of work I like skating and mountain biking. You can also find me attending gigs locally

Nina Sawicka

Marketing Geek

Every day at work is slightly different to me. I work with Gildas to push Dial A Geek forward as a business, liaise with our creative partners and run our profiles on social media. I’m constantly on a lookout for awards and events that we could take part in.

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Outside of the office I play music under my stage name I-Sha-Vii. If you hear I’m on holidays, it probably means I’m having a lot of fun touring with my band.

Christina Holba

Finance Manager

As Finance Manager, I help to manage and improve our business processes to make us as efficient as possible. I enjoy the fact that I am making a positive impact on the business and our client relationships.

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If I’m not managing finance, then I’m rock climbing, dancing or writing in my spare time, and spending as much time as possible with my family.

Yusra Shaeik

Technical Account & Projects Manager

My role as a Technical Account & Projects Manager includes working closely with our clients, making sure they get the most out of the service we provide – as well as managing all Dial A Geek projects and our Projects Team.

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I enjoy watching philosophical debates and reading books on complicated topics which always result in my confusion. My next goal is memorising the Qur’an. Wish me luck!

Harry Robey

Helpdesk Manager

As a Helpdesk Manager, I oversee the Helpdesk to make sure all our tickets are completed quickly and efficiently. It’s my responsibility to make sure all our customers are happy with the service we provide!

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When I’m not working, I like to spend as much time outside as possible, going on long walks and adventures.

Sam Knight

Business Support Geek

My job is providing remote IT support to our clients over the phone and via email. I love helping people understand IT without all the Geek speak and getting technology to support them in doing what they love!

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Outside of work, when not raising 2 boys with my wife, you can find me running, reading or rolling dice playing D&D.

Unai portrait

Unai Santolaya

Business Support Geek

As a Business Support Technician I am the first point of contact for our clients – my role includes working mainly on the helpdesk, troubleshooting hardware and software issues and making sure our clients experience as little downtime as possible.

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In my spare time I like to keep busy with my many hobbies. I play the guitar, enjoy going out to gigs, sports (mostly rugby and surfing), and spontaneous adventures that often involve extreme sports.

Ahad Ullah

Business Support Geek

My Job is to provide the best and simplest technical support to our client over the phone and email. The world of tech is ever growing, and I would like to help guide people through it! It’s my goal is to help our clients understand the tech they use and keep them up and running with as little downtime as possible.

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Outside the office you’ll find me tampering with anything with a combustion engine and pretending I know when I’m doing when taking apart my car. I’ve also been dabbling as an amateur photographer.

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