What is ISO 27001 (and who needs it)?

ISO 27001 is a key Information Security standard. For businesses that regularly hold onto sensitive data about their clients and want to demonstrate the...
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How can I speed up my Outlook?

“Why is my Outlook running so slowly?” It's a question that regularly echoes around offices throughout the land. If figuring out how you can...
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What is Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Microsoft is jumping aboard the AI train. Microsoft 365 CoPilot is a new AI tool that's designed to boost you and your team's productivity...
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We’re officially a B Corp!

We are very excited to announce that we have just joined the exclusive circle of B Corporations! Our journey wasn't easy but it was...
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5 key reasons to outsource cybersecurity

With the current shortage of talent (over 2.7 million professionals needed worldwide), it's no surprise businesses in every industry are considering reasons to outsource...
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Top tech sustainability trends

Most modern technology requires increasingly rare resources to produce. It all takes energy to run, much of which is still supplied by fossil fuels....
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Meet Your Geek – Luke Willis

Meet Luke  – the newest addition to our team. Luke has just started his role as our 3rd Line IT Technician, which means that...
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What is the circular economy?

Huge numbers of companies are currently trying to become more sustainable. For many, part of this involves transitioning to the “circular economy”. But what...
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Meet Your Geek: Syed Rahman

Meet Syed  – the newest addition to our team. Syed had just started his role as a 1st Line Business Support Technician on an...
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One of the biggest contributors to your technology's impact on the environment is E-waste. But what is it exactly and what can you do...
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Cybersecurity over Christmas

Cybersecurity might not be the first Christmas thought that pops into your head before you hang up your professional hat for the holidays. Yet...
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Meet Your Geek: Luke Packer

Meet Luke  - the newest addition to our team. Luke has just started his role as our Projects Coordinator, bringing years of experience in...
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Our Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security

One in three organisations were victims of a successful cyber attack during 2021, according to SoSafe’s 2022 Human Risk Review. Cyber attacks have the...
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Geeking out with Gildas: Blockchain

Most of the talk around blockchain technology revolves around cryptocurrency. But what I've been struck by recently are the many other applications blockchain technology...
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Manage wfh cybersecurity risks

One of the few positives to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the rise in the number of companies offering their teams working...
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Why switch to an MSP?

In the beginning, you might handle your IT in-house. But after your business reaches a certain size, there comes a time when it's no...
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What is a VPN? How does it work?

All your VPN questions are about to be answered! Virtual Private Networks have been growing in importance and profile in recent years. But do...
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The workplace of the future

What will the modern workplace look like by the end of 2022 and beyond? At Dial A Geek, we think that the many changes...
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How to prevent phishing attacks?

83% of successful cyber attacks in the UK in 2021 were phishing attacks. If you want to protect your business against this serious threat,...
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2022 business tech to invest in

Looking for the right place to focus your business tech investment in 2022? Driven by pandemic restrictions and a new wave of digital evolution,...
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Understanding cyber insurance costs

Making sure you have comprehensive managed cyber security protection in place is vital. But what happens if something still goes wrong despite all of...
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#Take15 – our birthday.

Dial A Geek turns 15 years old this year! To celebrate, we're launching our #Take15 campaign. It's a chance to look back at the...
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a hot air baloon right under the clouds

Why migrate to the cloud now? A Quick Guide

The prospect of the second UK national coronavirus lockdown (also known as Lockdown 2 Electric Avenue, Lockdown 2 Electric Boogaloo and Lockdown 2: Lock Harder) has already prompted...
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cloud-shaped blue hologram coming out of a tablet hend by a hand

How to make cloud adoption simpler

Switching to cloud computing is the goal of large numbers of businesses at the moment. It's easy to see why. Cloud adoption:  Saves you money Increases...
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a top view of a table with a laptop, tablet, phone, notebook , a cup of cofee and (most likely) man's hands

Office365 backup: why you need to do it

The benefits of moving to Office365 (Microsoft365) are there for every business leader to see:  There's the incredibly tough security. The easy access from any device....
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man reading an email on a laptop

How to recognize a dangerous email?

In Feb 2020, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau identified 21 reports of fraud where Coronavirus was mentioned, with victim losses of over £800k. That...
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empty office with big conference style tables and black chairs

Responding to COVID-19

We are making some changes due to Covid-19. As of this week, we are all working from home. Remote working isn’t new to us,...
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lego figures lying down with keys

A Quick Guide to Passwords and MFA

Despite the leaks, the breaches, and the endless privacy risks, many people were still using simple, easy-to-guess passwords in 2019. In fact, the list...
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Home alone poster mockup with two hackers and a ginger businessman screaming

Security for Office 365

Have you ever heard ‘cyber-security’ and thought ‘my business is too small to worry about it’? According to the FSB, small businesses are collectively...
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Office 365 vs G Suite

G Suite and Office 365 are today’s biggest and most widely used productivity suites. Between the two you get applications for everything from creating...
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bristol suspension bridge

Discovering Silicon Gorge

A play on Silicon Valley and Avon Gorge, Silicon Gorge is a region comprising Bristol, Gloucester and Swindon where there is a particularly large...
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two people typing on two laptops back to back

Our tips for Microsoft Teams adoption

What is Microsoft Teams?   Microsoft Teams is a communications and collaboration platform that combines instant chat and video meetings with quick access to...
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Our Top Email Tips and Tricks

Most of us use email all the time, but while it allows us to communicate with our colleagues, clients and customers, it can also...
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What is IT Management?

Are you sitting in your car before going into the office? Are you looking through your calendar and trying to carve out some time...
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the inside of a hard drive

Storage in 2018

What Storage should you choose at the end of 2018? As technology progress, manufactures manage to squeeze more storage in less and less space....
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