Meet Yusra: our 1st/2nd Line Business Support Technician.

Yusra is our award-winning apprentice – we’re very proud of her. She mainly works on Helpdesk, troubleshooting variety of issues. She also carries out some projects and site visits.

As you’ll see from Yusra’s answers to our questions, if she wasn’t amazing at IT, she could easily make it in stand-up comedy…

Here are Yusra’s favourites from the last 15 years.

5 favourite music artists since 2006 

Going off my top Artists on Spotify:

  1. Cherrie 

    Very large gap 
  2. BTS
  3. Destiny’s Child
  4. Usher
  5. Justin Bieber 

Bonus: I was 7 years old in 2006 so the High School Musical + Cheetah Girls soundtracks also must be mentioned. 

5 favourite movies (seen) in the last 15 years. 

  1. Anything with Angelina Jolie 
  2. Inception 
  3. Antz 
  4. Cat in the hat 
  5. Forrest Gump 

Yusra’s biggest lifestyle changes since 2006 

  • Puberty 
  • Not Leaving the house 
  • Leaving the house 
  • Cycling (forced due to terrible Bristol traffic) 
  • Basketball 

Greatest culinary achievements since 2006 

In this order from age 7 till now:

  1. Bowl of cereal (intense experience: milk bottle – big, my hands – not very big) 
  2. Scrambled Eggs and Beans 
  3. Pasta only (hot water is scary) 
  4. Burgers (oil is scary) 
  5. Tiramisu 

Yusra’s favourite career moments 

  • Getting a job 
  • Keeping a job 
  • Not being useless at the job 
  • Enjoying a 9-5 job (who would’ve thought) 

Favourite career moment of THE FUTURE: An Hour With Yusra

On Tuesday 27/07 Dial A Geek will be holding An Hour With Yusra on LinkedIn. It will be a chance for business owners to ask any questions that don’t feel like a job request.

Have you ever wondered why your computer does ‘that thing’ when your cat sits on your keyboard? Are you curious how to instantly restore all your data if your PC explodes (or dies in any other way)? Are you trying to figure out which antivirus software is best value for money (especially important if you have +10 business devices)? Did you recently hear the words ‘cyber insurance’ and are still wondering if it’s worth the bother? Ask Yusra!

As well as the small things, Yusra will address any business IT concerns. This would be a perfect opportunity for business owners and decision makers to find out more about the kind of thing a Managed Service Provider could do for their business – at no cost!

This is a very informal lunchtime session – just visit LinkedIn on Tuesday the 27th between 12 and 1 pm and message Yusra your question – she will reply immediately!