#Take15: What have we taken so far?

picture of the Dial A Geek team

If you haven’t gotten on board with our #Take15 campaign yet, now’s the time to get started!

For the past few months we’ve been talking with (and about) some of our local heroes, the people who’ve gotten us where we are, and members of your very own Dial A Geek team.

We’ve been discussing who they are, the past 15 years since Dial A Geek was founded, and the changes they’ve seen in that time personally or in their own industry.

Here are the highlights of what you’ve missed so far:

Our #Take15 series – where to start

The Best 5 Days in Dial A Geek History!

Chief Geek Gildas Jones talks about the best five days in Dial A Geek history. From the day he stopped working on his ironing board in his kitchen to winning awards.

Bristol’s Finest: Josh Eggleton

The Bristol’s Finest part of #Take15 is all about inspiring local people. We start with local favourite Michelin Star Chef, Josh Eggleton.

15 years in… IT Support (with Gildas Jones)

The Geek you Dial himself returns to talk about the way the wider IT support industry in Bristol has changed and developed over the past 15 years.

Meet Your Geek: Glen Greenhalgh (Business Support)

Meet Your Geek introduces you to the Geeks on the team. Here we check out the highlights of Operations Manager and Business Support Geek Glen’s last 15 years. (You were only allowed to choose five movies, Glen. But that’s fine…)

Hidden Faces: Super Bowl 50 Halftime

Hidden Faces is our #Take15 series about the tech people behind big events. Here we learn a little about SHOP and the incredible Super Bowl 50 Halftime show digital displays.

Meet Your Geek: Nina Sawicka (Marketing)

The next Geek to openly admit what they’ve been up to for the last 15 years is our Marketing Manager, Nina Sawicka, who definitely doesn’t also front up a Japanese noodle-inspired music band.

15 years in… recruitment (with Russell Smith)

Russell Smith of Hunter Selection steps into the hot seat to talk about how the recruitment industry in Bristol has changed over the past 15 years.

Meet Your Geek: Yusra Shaeik (1st/2nd Line)

1st/2nd Line Business Support Technician Geek Yusra Shaeik is one of our lovely apprentices. Being so young, she barely remembers 15 years ago. Probably. But we asked her to tell us about them anyway.

Hidden Faces of Tech: PeePower

Another visit to our Hidden Faces of Tech #Take15 series sees us get a bit technical with PeePower’s electricity generation tech. Yes, it does that. Yes, that is genius. Learn more here.

Bristol’s Finest: Sado Jirde of BSWN

The Director of the Black South West Network and trustee vice chair for the Bristol Old Vic, Sado Jirde, is the next person we profile in our Bristol’s Finest series.

Meet Your Geek: Edoardo Ciccarelli

World-hopping 3rd Line Support Geek Edoardo Ciccarelli is the next Geek to get strapped down and put to the question in our Meet Your Geek series.

The workplace of 2036 according to Yusra

We’ve looked back 15 years plenty of times in this series so far. But what about 15 years in the future? Here’s how the official youth rep on the team thinks things will turn out.

Meet Your (Chief) Geek: Gildas Jones

The man, the Geek, the legend, Gildas Jones steps forward to tell us a little more about how his past 15 years have been.

Meet Your (Finance) Geek: Alix Velasco

We feel like Finance Manager Geek Alix Velasco put some proper thought into answering these questions, fitting for someone also studying a doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy. Thanks, Alix!

Meet Your (Proper) Geek: Harry Robey

Harry Robey – our 2nd Line IT Technician – lets us know how he’s been keeping the team’s Geek credentials strong at home and at work for the past 15 years.

15 years in… employment relations (with David Major)

Join David Major from Ibex Gale in a dive into how the employment relations industry appeared and grew in Bristol and beyond over the past 15 years.

Meet Your (Proper) Geek: Sam Knight

Sam Knight – our 2nd Line IT Technician a.k.a. Proper Geek – tells us about his journey from a long-haired rocker to a marathon-running father of two who makes the best vegetarian lasagne.

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