#Take15 – Meet Your Geek: Glen Greenhalgh

Meet Glen: our Operations Manager and Business Support Geek.

Glen manages all the Geeks and the Helpdesk, oversees our technical solutions, develops processes, oversees all our projects, and reports on performance for each technical department.

Operations Manager is a very serious role which is why we thought we’ll introduce Glen in a not so serious way.

Here are Glen’s favourites from the last 15 years.

5 favourite music artists since 2006

5 favourite movies (seen) in the last 15 years

Glen’s biggest lifestyle changes since 2006

  • Renovated a house
  • Started Mountain biking
  • Started skating Again

Favourite travel destinations of the last 15 years

  • Amsterdam
  • Fort William
  • Narbonne

Glen’s greatest culinary achievement since 2006

Watching Matty Matheson videos.

Glen’s favourite career moments:

  • Starting work at Dial A Geek
  • Yusra’s apprenticeship award acceptance speech (you have to trust us when we say it was absolutely hilarious)

Would you like to know anything more about Glen? Tweet at us (@dialageek) and we may reply (we reserve the right not to, if the questions are too weird/not weird enough).

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