#Take15 – Meet Your (Chief) Geek: Gildas Jones

A picture of Gildas smiling to the camera

Meet Gildas (although you probably have, multiple times): our Chief Geek. The O. G. Geek. To most of us: the boss.

Gildas is the creator and the main driving force behind Dial A Geek. From starting the company from his kitchen and then growing the company, through starting our years-long adventure with training next generation Geeks through apprenticeship programs, to being THE person to audit your business and decide what improvements will help you meet your business goals – Gildas does it all (although we all try taking as much as we can away from him because, believe it or not, Gildas is a human [SHOCKING] who needs time to eat and sleep – like all of us).

Gildas’ favourites from the last 15 years

5 favourite music artists since 2006

I think I’ll struggle here. In the last 15 years I’ve probably made 15 x 8hr+ playlists and they are mostly individual tracks – all MP3 files. I’m not too keen on streaming, because I like obscure bits from here and there and I like to keep them all in one place.

Music-wise, I’m a fan of golden era Hip Hop (both of them, let’s not start on that) Reggae, Funk – whatever sounds good really: I don’t limit myself to just a few genres however, most of the music I like has a drum break.

For my number one, I’d have to choose a whole label: Daptone Records – as most of what they put out is of a high standard, released steadily over the last 15 years.

A couple of Bandcamp finds from a few years ago: Children of Zeus (and their track Slow Down) alongside Darkhouse Family from Cardiff.

I really like Bandcamp, as most of the money goes directly to the artist. It’s the artist who sets the pricing (and some tracks are pay what you like). You get high quality audio too – and in various formats.

Slowthai – My oldest went to see him, I like one track in particular: ‘Doorman’ – the energy of youth shining through, quite exciting to hear it.

Jonwayne  – Afraid of Us – I like the stripped back simplicity of this track, I’m a sucker for a good sidestick.

5 favourite movies (seen) in the last 15 years.

I really enjoyed Hunt for the Wilderpeople and JoJo Rabbit, by the director Taika Waititi. I love the antipodean sense of humour put into these films. They’re both really funny, the character depth and emotion are served so well… all of it really! I’ve seen both twice, which is partly due to watching with the kids, but also because they are that good.

I’m going to cheat for the rest and go box sets (or multi part films anyway).

The Wire – I watched it in the early days of Dial A Geek, it’s tech would be quite dated now, but the characters still are excellent. Breaking Bad needs no explanation, probably the best thing ever made.

More recently standouts were Big Little Lies and Lupin (subtitled not dubbed) for easy entertainment value with the kids.

Gildas’s biggest lifestyle changes since 2006

Lifestyle has mainly been governed by the number of small children we had at the time, two in 2006, 4 by 2011, now enjoying them growing up and the freedom and scope for doing different things.

Favourite travel destinations of the last 15 years

Corfu and Sardinia, both you can fly to from Bristol (I know you shouldn’t fly, but I haven’t overdone it over the years). I loved the blue sea, great food, heat, snorkelling, finding new beaches, just packing one small bag each and leaving the house.

No tents, warm clothes, spare clothes, sleeping, bags, spare sleeping bags, air beds, spare socks, spare trainers, shopping for food, cooking kit, checking the met office app, wet weather, making the most it, trips to pencil museums when it’s raining.

The latter scenario can be good too however, I have absolutely overdone it and now I’m not entirely convinced it’s a holiday.

Greatest culinary achievements since 2006

Not my strongest point. I can cook a pretty good Thai Curry but I am not sure if that counts as an achievement.

Gildas’s favourite career moments

My favourite career moments are all to do with Dial A Geek. The first one definitely was hiring my first Dial A Geek employee (Richard). Then moving into an office space – leaving the home office behind gave the company a whole new dimention.

Going on my first holiday and leaving the business in the hands of my employees for the first time was an amazing moment. I have not contacted the office once in that time!

And, of course, all the awards we’ve been finalists for or have received (Bristol Post Business Awards, Bristol Life Awards, Bristol Live and Bath Live Apprenticeship Awards, South West Business and Community Awards). It feels amazing being appreciated for the hard work you’ve done for years!

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