Is AI all hype? DAG in promotional script snafu

You know the drill. Your business is launching new services. How will you market them? At Dial A Geek, we thought we’d get ChatGPT to give us a clue. It left us thinking: is AI all hype?

Because the result we got back when asking for a one-minute promotional video script was…

Well. It was bad. In fact, it was so outright hilariously bad we made the AI script into a video.

But it wasn’t quite what we had in mind for actual serious marketing:

ChatGPT and our Managed Services promo script – the result

Let’s just say we don’t think any scriptwriters out there should be that worried about losing their jobs any time soon.

We asked ChatGPT for a script for our new Managed Services (shameless plug: you can find them on our services page).

The result was White House Down American movie trailer meets corporate promo nonsense. Completely unusable for anything other than comedy.

Dissatisfied with this first response, our Managing Director Gildas Jones asked ChatGPT if it could “make it more British?”

Oh boy, no it could not. Not convincingly at least! We got something quite a bit more “Mockney” than we were really envisioning. Some of the more choice quotes included:

  • “In this modern landscape, cyber security isn’t a luxury, it’s a bloomin’ necessity.”
  • “With our dedicated team at the helm, you can have a cuppa and relax.”
  • “That’s why we’re chuffed to offer a 30-day free trial for you to get a proper feel of our top-notch services.”

All set to a background of a “Union Jack shield depicting protection”, countryside mazes, historic castles, and a “British-style office” where people work hard at cybersecurity “sipping mugs of tea”. Here’s the full video – hope you enjoy it! 😉

Is AI all hype?

Now, we don’t want to take factual issue with most of this. Cyber Security is a business necessity these days. You can have a cup of tea (if that’s your jam) and relax with our Managed Services.

We are pretty chuffed about that free trial too. We would also certainly not claim that Dial A Geek HQ has never borne witness to a cup of tea being drunk. But really.

Joking aside, some of what the latest generation of generative AI can do is very impressive. It gets better and better every day. But some things may never be doable or doable well with AI (even if you’re willing to ignore copyright law and ethics).

Even if one day they are, at the moment, we’ve found you really need to keep some humans in the loop if you’re using Large Language Model AI for business purposes.

You know something you can ask ChatGPT but really shouldn’t rely on its response for?

Cybersecurity. It’s complex. It’s challenging. And there’s too much at stake to rely on an AI not quite “getting it”.

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