Storage in 2018

the inside of a hard drive

What Storage should you choose at the end of 2018?

As technology progress, manufactures manage to squeeze more storage in less and less space. That is not the only plus, write and read speed goes up too!

Solid State Drives (SSD) are faster than traditional Hard Disc Drives (HDD) as they have no moving parts, similar to a USB thumb drive. They are the main choice!

We’d like to compare the speed of data read and write access to give an overview of performance against the storage’s technology.
These are nominal values but they help to understand how much the technology was improved.
(Tests run on our working order equipment, reading as higher is better)


Solid State Drives are faster and more reliable than Hard Disc Drives, they are perfect for your Operating System and should be your choice for storage in 2018. They can drive productivity up and give you a seamless working experience on your device. You can easily experience a 3x improvement from an HDD to an SSD and even more to an NVMe one.

Although, if you are looking to store lots of data, then, a traditional HDD might be the way to go. So Hard Drives are still a viable option as secondary storage drives but we don’t recommend using it as your main option.

You can count on Dial A Geek to find the best solution for you and your team. Whether is increasing Data redundancy, driving productivity or simply having the right advice from our Geeks.

HDD vs SSD vs NVMe
Hard Drive, Sata SSD, NVMe SSD – Left to right