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At Dial A Geek not only do we provide remote and onsite support when something goes wrong, but we also want to discuss your plans and help you pick the best IT service solutions for the future of your company.

Our approach to IT consultancy

Finding the right technology for your business can be time-consuming and at times perplexing. It can also be very costly due to the sheer amount of options available and the amount of information that you need to process to make the right decisions. Our approach to IT consultancy is to simplify the whole process by focusing on solutions that will have the biggest impact on your business. We work with leading software and hardware vendors including Apple, Microsoft, Google, HP and Dell, keeping up to date with all of the latest business technology so that you don’t have to.

Keep Up With the Latest Technology

As technology evolves it is important to have an IT support partner on your side who understands the best technology to help drive your business forward. We work across a wide number of sectors within Bristol and the surrounding region. We help our clients understand their needs, recommend the right technology and implement it.

Some of the latest tech trends affecting SMEs in the South West region that our team of IT consultants help our clients with include:

  • Using the latest software including communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams and Outlook to connect teams or using Trello or Planner to track projects and Salesforce to manage clients relationships.
  • Keeping up to date with advances in cyber security, advising our clients on how to stay ahead of the increasing threat posed by hackers, fraudsters and malicious software.
  • Working securely with partners, stakeholders and freelancers within your business
  • Supporting the rollout of more efficient telecoms systems whether that’s via your wifi network, 4G mobile communications or Gigabit Fibre Broadband.
  • Helping clients offer more personalised experiences to their customers using intelligent software solutions that automate repetitive tasks and give you more time to add value to their clients.
  • Taking advantage of cloud-based services such as Amazon Web Services that allow businesses to cut the cost of backing up and storing your data.

Technology and Business Success

IT is central to successful businesses, enabling your people to be more productive and efficient. Whether you need to collaborate on projects using Microsoft Office or your accounts team want to share financial information using cloud-based software. Technology can mean the difference between winning more business from your competitors or falling behind. South West businesses that embrace digital marketing and promote themselves effectively online will have an advantage over those that don’t. Improving your IT infrastructure can help you manage clients relationships more effectively and improve how your team communicate with one another.

Why use Dial A Geek for IT Consultancy?

  • We don’t speak Geek, we offer straightforward advice that you will understand. We start by understanding what you want to achieve, we review your existing systems and put then forward recommendations for improvements and compliance.
  • We don’t just recommend improvements, we will implement your new technology or show your people how to. We will also train your staff on how to use your new systems so that your business uses them to their full potential.
  • We have relationships with all major technology vendors but we are completely independent. We offer the most appropriate solution depending on your circumstances and your business goals.
  • We are a local Bristol business with an interest in supporting other local businesses. We offer support packages to ensure that all of our recommendations keep running smoothly.

So if you find yourself wondering how to improve your IT infrastructure, which cloud provider is the best or trying to create a disaster recovery plan – do not hesitate to give us a call.

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