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Email – an essential business tool

Email is an essential business tool. Even with the plethora of other ways of getting in touch with your customers, colleagues and other business contacts it’s still the communication tool of choice because it’s simple and everyone knows how to use it. Just like browsing the internet, it has become so ingrained that we just expect it to work. It’s only when something changes or things go wrong that we notice how important email is.

Recover lost emails, migrate email and send secure business email

We know that email systems can occasionally be troublesome. So if you ever find yourself trying to fix glitches or recover lost emails, or wondering how to migrate email accounts: think Dial a Geek.

Email Security

We help our clients using Microsoft Office 365 to improve their ‘security score’ by adopting industry best practices relating to email use. Clients that adopt these best practices are far less likely to fall victim to security breaches which cost South West small businesses £000’s every year. Working with Dial A Geek to raise your ‘Security Score’ will help protect you against one of the major Cyber Attack vectors:

Business Email Compromise (BEC) – This is where an attacker will gain access to an email account for a key staff member, then send emails from that account to your clients, telling them that your bank accounts details have changed (to the fraudsters bank details), or change the details on invoice PDF’s. This typically happens over a period of weeks or months and the staff member will not detect that this has happened until afterwards, as the fraudsters are very clever at masking their activity.

We can investigate to see what has happened and look to secure the accounts. Depending on what levels of access the staff member had on the Office 365 tenant, infiltration can be quite deep for these types of attacks.

Recovery from an email hacking is a time-consuming process and once the email account has been secured a plan of action can be made to massively reduce the chance of it reoccurring, this would include setting policies on the tenant so that a baseline standard of security is adhered to.

Email Compliance

Business email needs to be retained for 7 years, more if you are in certain fields such as the Legal or Engineering Sectors. With staff turnover, it’s vital that you retain records of what was said and by whom on the event of a dispute. Dial a Geek will help you create these policies at the company domain level, so if an employee deletes an email a record is still kept.

At Dial a Geek, we have extensive experience of working on almost every email system and we currently provide email support for a wide range of businesses across Bristol and the South West region. Whether you’re looking for an email migration service or would like to add a new email account to your network, give us a call.

Email Migration

The most common reason that we migrate business emails nowadays is so that our clients can take advantage of cloud-based systems such as Microsoft Office 365 or G-Suite (Gmail for business). This includes moving emails currently hosted by your internet service provider (ISP), migrating hosted Microsoft Exchange emails and moving on-premise Microsoft Exchange Server emails. Our IT support team supports clients in moving between cloud-based providers i.e. moving from G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 and vice versa.

By email migration, we mean transferring all of your existing emails, contacts and folders to a new provider along with all of the benefits of operating a cloud-based email including:

  • reduced cost
  • access from any internet connected device
  • safe and secure handling of your data
  • incredible reliability (both Office 365 and G Suite guarantee 99.9% uptime)
  • automated backups and archiving
  • scalability – you only pay for what you use and can easily upgrade or downgrade depending on how many people need email access

We completely manage the move to cloud, all your email is migrated across prior to the switchover happening, so when we connect you to the new accounts all of your previous emails are there waiting for you. And if you have moved to Microsoft Office 365 or G-Suite you will find they are far more than just an email service, they include a whole raft of productivity tools.

DNS / MX Records Configuration for Email

Your company’s DNS and MX records ensure that your emails get sent to the right place. If your DNS and MX records are set up incorrectly your staff won’t be able to send and receive emails. Issues usually only occur when something changes with your internet set up such as changing your ISP, change of website or switching emails to an alternative provider. We can set these records correctly and ensure the service is resumed with minimal fuss.

Identity protection for your emails

Since email spoofing and phishing became such big issues for business users, a number of protocols have been introduced to help protect the identity of email users. These are catchily known by their abbreviations DMARC, DKIM and SPF. They work by adding hidden authentication details into the emails that you send which prove that the emails come from you and not a phisher, hacker or spammer. DMARC is the newest of these standards, whereby all verified potential sources of email from your company domain are in an online record. This means that anyone attempting to send emails pretending to be from your company will have their emails quarantined or rejected.

Automated Email Signatures

As a limited company, limited liability company or PLC you are legally obliged to add certain information to your email. This must include:

  • Company registered name
  • Company registration number
  • Country of registration within the UK i.e. England, Scotland or Wales,
  • Registered company address

No more “sent from iPhone”!

The safest way to ensure consistency is to include automated signatures that are centrally controlled and managed with your branding so that the correct details are added to all emails sent from all users and devices. Dial a Geek can help you create these signatures so that they are responsive which means they will look professional and display correctly on all devices including mobiles and tablets. Just to be clear the rules do not apply to sole traders and standard partnerships, however, a professional signature that displays correctly on all devices is something that all businesses should use.

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