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Wireless Networks

Today we all take wireless access for granted, your staff, clients and guests expect WiFi to be available wherever they go. Wireless networks can be set up to provide fast, reliable and secure internet access inside or outside your premises. WiFi can also be used to connect offices in different locations, this is known as a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Our Bristol IT support technicians are wireless network experts specialise in the design and installation of high performance, business-grade WiFi networks suitable for offices, schools, co-working spaces, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Our WiFi installations can be set up so that they are suitable for business users, guests and the general public.

Dial A Geek can save you time and money by installing networks that are easy to manage and control. Our services include troubleshooting and upgrading existing underperforming WiFi networks, extending the capacity and reach of your wireless network as well as installing WiFi access in your organisation for the first time or when you are moving premises.

We use the latest wireless technology from leading networking equipment vendors including Ubiquiti Networks, Draytek, Cisco Meraki and Datto Networking to ensure that all of your essential business software works seamlessly and your network is future proof for many years to come.

How Do WiFi Networks Work?

Devices on a WiFi network communicate using radio waves similar to that used by mobile phones and walkie-talkies. The main difference is the frequency that data is transmitted at, WiFi networks use the frequencies 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. To ensure that all wireless equipment can talk to one another they conform to 802.11 networking standards which come in various levels according to the speed that data is transferred between devices. Wireless devices such as laptops and tablets talk to wireless access points which are in turn connected to the internet via a router provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your wireless network will often be held together by a backbone of hardwired, structured cabling.

Wi-Fi Network Installation

We will project manage the entire process to minimise the disruption to your business. All WiFi networking equipment is fully tested and pre-configured by us to make the installation as fast and efficient as possible. Where feasible we make use of your existing networking equipment, keeping costs to a minimum. Before the installation takes place we liaise with your internet service provider and any third party building contractors to ensure that our network designs meet all of the required standards.

Benefits of Wireless Networks for Business

  • Connect multiple devices, so that users can hot desk and roam freely with laptops, smartphones and tablets including bring your own devices (BYOD).
  • Users can share files and other resources without having to be physically plugged into the network.
  • Connect to cloud-based services such as G Suite & Office 365
  • Reduce the need for messy cabling.
  • Visitors to your office or other premises can connect to the internet to access emails and other cloud-based applications.
  • Easily add new employees to the network and expand network reach as your business expands.
  • Prevent users from exploiting the service by implementing download limits.
  • See which devices are connected to the network and prioritise the devices that need the most bandwidth.

Wi-Fi Network Survey and Design

First of all, we discuss all of your requirements and what want you to achieve by installing wireless access including who you want to be able to access the network and the software your company relies on. For example, applications such as VOIP and video conferencing require dedicated bandwidth to ensure that activities such as browsing the internet and accessing social media don’t interfere with performance. There are also important security considerations according to whether you want to provide different access for certain employees, visitors and the general public.

Using the latest WiFi survey equipment our team will map out the areas where you need wireless internet access, taking into account the layout of the building and any obstacles that might interfere with wireless signals. Based on the survey we design the optimal layout of your access points and map out any additional equipment that is needed to ensure that every user has the required signal strength everywhere that it is needed.

Wi-Fi Network Support & Maintenance

Our managed service will monitor the performance of the network to ensure that it is running at its full potential. If demands on the network increase either due to higher bandwidth requirements or extending the reach of the network we provide upgrades and additional access points.

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