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Cloud computing is where you access files and applications via the internet rather than having programs installed or files stored or on your PC, laptop, mobile device or local server. The cloud is simply a metaphor for the internet and comes from the fact that from the early days of the web, the internet was often represented using a cloud symbol. The first businesses to use the cloud on a widespread commercial scale were CRM providers such as The cloud changed the way businesses operate in two main ways:

  • The cloud shifted us towards on-demand computing i.e. we pay for a service for as long as we use it rather than buying software or computer hardware outright. This gives us the flexibility to switch services on and off as we need them.
  • Cloud services are managed by IT service providers which means that anyone can set up and manage a business online without ever needing the knowledge and expense of operating their own IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Saves you money – on the cost of expensive server hardware and software licenses as well as the space required to manage your own servers.
  • Flexibility to scale up and down – with the demands of your business. With cloud services, you don’t need to factor in spare capacity, you can simply add more capacity when you need it and reduce it when it’s no longer required.
  • Almost no downtime – in the past the failure of a critical server such as an email server could bring a company to a complete standstill. With cloud email services the downtime is close to 0%.
  • Improved security – cloud providers are responsible for protecting your important files from viruses and hackers.
  • Work from anywhere – anywhere with an internet connection, meaning staff can work remotely or while on the road as well as use their own devices for work, saving time, cost and making employees happier.
  • Increase collaboration – being able to access projects from anywhere means that you can collaborate more easily with clients, partners and your team. Everyone can view and share information simply and securely.
  • Environmentally friendly – cloud computing cuts down on energy cost and can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

Cloud computing solutions

If you are currently using Onedrive or Dropbox then great news! You are using elements of a cloud-based system already.

The benefits of moving your data to the cloud are endless, but sometimes the process is easier said than done. Not any more.

Cloud based storage & backup solutions for business

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Our IT Support service can set up secure cloud storage for business; we’ll transfer (also known as ‘migrating’) all your precious information over without a glitch and get you synched, sorted and ready to embrace this brilliant new way of working.

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