How AI could help your business

Everyone seems to be talking about the business benefits of AI at the moment. For some of us though, it can all sound a little bit like pie in the sky.

Yet there are already businesses in key industries that are finding actual tangible, real-world benefits of putting Artificial Intelligence to work.

If you’re thinking about modernising the way you run your business, here are some ways AI could help you achieve your goals.

How AI could improve your business

1) AI in recruitment

The recruitment sector is getting into Artificial Intelligence in a big way. There are many ways AI can benefit recruitment industries, including:

  1. Matching and analysis – leading recruitment companies are using AI’s powers of analysis to pair the right candidate with the right vacancy. From short-listing candidates with very specific required skills to increasing diversity, AI can do a lot to make recruiters’ lives easier.
  2. Speeding up the hiring process – AI can also speed up and refine the recruitment process for individual organisations. It can minimise interviews by automating initial rounds and measure and analyse applicants by their responses.

2) AI in engineering

The Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing AI to spread throughout the diverse engineering sector. This technology connects machinery to sensors that report their condition and performance, allowing them to be tracked and analysed by AI.

One of the most interesting applications of this is predictive maintenance. Maintenance is one of the most costly processes for many engineering companies. Having accurate predictions for when it’s worth sending an engineer to an installation or to check machinery can result in big savings.

The same system can and is being used to automate many Quality Assurance processes in factories in a wide variety of engineering and manufacturing businesses too.

3) AI in sales

Another sector in which AI is being used to “predict the future” is sales. Sales forecasting – estimating future sales – is something Artificial Intelligence is really good at. Sales departments and companies are using AI to:

  • Predict sales performance
  • Identify factors affecting sales performance
  • Work out how likely customers are to make a purchase based on a huge range of factors
  • Recommend new or related products (think Amazon product suggestions)
  • Suggest what customers will do next based on previous interactions

This can have a massive impact on a company’s bottom line. One US company (JusCollege, a group travel organiser aiming at the youth market) used AI sales forecasting to turn their $1 million annual sales into $20 million.

A bit of an outlier, perhaps. But it’s an indication of the power AI can and will continue to have when applied to sales processes.

Using AI to help modernise your business

AI might not be first on your agenda when it comes to modernising your business. Especially if you haven’t yet migrated to the cloud, started using modern collaboration tools, or put proper cybersecurity processes in place to protect your data and reassure consumers and partners.

But AI is out there. Its uses are only going to start getting more relevant and affordable for businesses of all kinds. Soon, working out how AI could help our own business could be something we’re all genuinely thinking about.

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