The benefits of Teams for different departments

Microsoft Teams is the way that over 145 million people communicate in their workplace. It’s easy to see why:

Fast. Smart. Efficient. It lets you skip long meetings through videoconferencing, calls and chat messages. It also lets you easily share files with almost anyone – even users outside of your immediate organisation.

And that’s just the start! If your business is growing and you’re not already using Microsoft Teams to communicate, it’s time to explore what it can do for you.

Here’s one benefit of Teams that is often overlooked:

You can use feeds, bots and tailored integrations to customise what Teams provides to meet the needs of different departments.

The different departments that can benefit from Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams and Sales departments

Of course, sales departments can use Microsoft Teams to collaborate and share knowledge and reports. This is great for keeping distributed sales teams on the same page.

But your sales department might also be interested in the lesser-known ability to customise different channels in Teams for things like RFPs or proposals, best practice discussions or planning.

Plus, your sales people can use it to manage ongoing training programs, schedule and hold monthly reviews and other meetings as well as adding an RSS feed for updates from specific customers.

Microsoft Teams and Finance departments

For finance departments that use it to its fullest extent, Teams is the central node from which everything else depends.

It’s safe and secure, so it can be used for all meetings and discussions as well as to share files and data. Many finance departments use Teams to:

  • Create secure individual channels – for everything from audits to compliance to financial reviews.
  • Track and share files – including financial statements, reviews and reports.
  • Pin applications – that they use every day, such as Excel or PowerBI, Microsoft’s business analytics tool.

Microsoft Teams and Marketing departments

Because your marketing department often needs to have multiple contributors working on the same project – designers, marketers, researchers, writers – Teams is already one of the most useful tools in their tool shed.

It lets them collaborate with people inside your company as well as branding experts, content writers and more from the outside.

So far, so Teams. But your marketing people might not realise that they can also use Teams to:

  • Integrate with news alerts and services – from Google Analytics, Twitter, YouTube, HubSpot and more.
  • Use unique channels – for different events, campaigns, for public relations and more. Each channel can include its own assets (design files, plans, briefs and so on) and have various other pages and plans pinned for easy referral.

Teams and Human Resources departments

As well as using it for easy communications in the workplace, your HR department can use all sorts of features of Microsoft Teams to help with recruitment and on-boarding actions like:

  • Sharing CVs and notes from interviews
  • Tracking candidate data
  • Discussing hiring decisions
  • Uploading documents from new employees

Again, they benefit from the ability to create individual channels for things like staff training or events – as well as being able to host the training sessions themselves in Teams.

Plus, they can share results from Survey Monkey and other apps and create a central location for Human Resources that’s easy for everyone in the company to access. Need to find out company policy on an issue? Need to locate your employee handbook?

Not a problem. It’s all in one easy-to-find place where your team members can also send a message to your HR people about the situation directly.

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