Microsoft’s Audio Conferencing promotion

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to huge numbers of businesses suddenly making the switch to working from home or having a hybrid working set-up.

Microsoft 365 and Teams already make it much more convenient and productive for your team to work this way. Which is why so many companies – over 133 000 in the UK alone – currently use it.

But Microsoft has recently decided to make online meetings even better for people who use 365 and Teams to communicate in the workplace.

The good news is that the way they’ve done this is via a new Audio Conferencing promotion. The best news is that this promotion means you can get access to most of these new improvements for free or on discounted licenses. Here’s how it works:

What is Audio Conferencing?

The goals of Microsoft’s new Audio Conferencing promotion is to target several groups of users, primarily:

  1. People with limited or poor-quality internet connections – can now join meetings in Teams or Skype for Business using their phone to dial into the call.
  2. People who want to host large-scale events – can use the new Advanced Communications add-on to do so. When you do, you’ll have access to a range of admin controls and structures to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  3. People who are travelling – being able to dial-in to a call helps people who are out of the office (even the home office) as well as those struggling with poor internet connectivity. The ability to join a meeting hands-free using Bluetooth has also been added.

Side note: if you’d like to ensure that you and all your employees video conference like a pro, check out our full free guide to video calls and conferencing here.

What can I get from the promotion?

If you’re in any of those groups, you might want to check your Microsoft 365 license to see if you’re eligible for one of the three offers which Microsoft is currently running. You can get:

  • FREE Audio Conferencing – is yours now if you have a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Agreement. You can get access starting from 1st October 2020 if you are purchasing via the web or via partners.
  • 35% OFF Advanced Communication – is also available for Enterprise Agreement customers immediately. You can claim your money off sometime before the end of 2020 if you’re purchasing via partners or the web.
  • FastTrack support and deals for Skype for Business customers – thinking about migrating from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams? There might just be a deal waiting for you.

Can I access multiple offers at once?

Microsoft says, go for it! If you’re eligible for any or all of the offers, you can use as many as you like. None of these three offers has user limits either.

How do I enable my Audio Conferencing offer?

It depends on how you pay for Audio Conferencing. If you do it via the web or a Microsoft partner, you need to have your IT admin enable it through the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre after you’ve acquired your Audio Conferencing offer license and had it assigned to you. Simple!

Not sure what your specific Microsoft 365 license means for you and this promotion?

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