Phishing on the rise, protect your IT boat!

cybersecurity, a padlock on a laptop

Security in IT has skyrocketed with the GDPR regulations.

Even the smallest businesses now are aware that you need to protect your cyber properties and systems.

Sometimes though, due to our habits or convenience, we still neglect to put the right implementations in place. We wait for a better moment to do it or most likely, we hope that we won’t be affected by cyber attacks.

Despite any of us (business owners and their employees) being more knowledgeable about the IT security risks, we see an increase in successful hacks, phishing attempts, CEO fraud etc.

Why? Because we still rely on our beloved passwords, because we still click on those fake links, because we don’t question that odd email with updated bank details and a discounted settled payment.

Office 365 accounts are being targeted worldwide and Microsoft has to respond to it somehow. We can now help to protect your accounts by putting in place the defence against the most common and successful attacks.

The main services (however, there’s more) that should be enabled in your Office 365 Security and Compliance centre are: blocking automatic email forwarding to external domains, creating activity alerts for suspicious logins, setting up multi-factor authentications; preventing the ‘bad guys’ to impersonate you as an email sender.

If you’d like help setting up any of those, email [email protected]. You can also give us a call on 0117 369 4335 to have a chat about what are the best ways of protecting you and your business.