Increase your productivity with dual monitors

geek writing code on a laptop with three monitors

Have you wondered why all the geeks use two or more monitors at

According to The New York Times’s report dual monitors have been
proven to increase productivity by 20-30%.

More screen space means you can have multiple windows and
applications open at the same time, rather than having to close one to
see another.

That way of working makes it easier to multitask as well as work on
different parts of the same task.

With dual monitors you can easily share information between programs,
for example to move data from one spreadsheet to another, or draft an
email using source material.

You could also share a large spreadsheet between the two screens or
compare two images from your graphic designer.

Dual monitors can be handy for training or collaborations, as they allow
you to use one screen for a chat or video and the other one for notes,
bringing changes to the file you’re working on, or any other tasks.

Remember: dual monitors will increase your productivity only if you use
them for work and not to watch TV while replying to your emails.