The easy way to unsubscribe from emails is a free service that scans your inbox and presents you with a list of everything you’ve subscribed to. You then have the option to unsubscribe or condense them into a daily ‘Rollup’ – one email that summarises all of your subscriptions.

Here at Dial a Geek we like to keep a tidy inbox, but we still found 41 subscriptions we’d forgotten about and promptly unsubscribed from 22 of them. The rest of the emails will now be delivered to us in one package at a daily time of our choosing.

To unsubscribe from more than five newsletters ask you to shout about the service on social media, but it’s one link your followers won’t mind you sharing. can afford to offer this service for free by including adverts in it’s daily Rollup, but so far we’ve found these to be unobtrusive and a fair exchange for a more streamlined inbox.

One of our clients has shed almost 200 unwanted subscriptions since we introduced them to has been around for several years and it now boast 1.2 million users. When it started emails were hidden rather than removed, but now the service lets you completely unsubscribe from emails you’re currently signed up to and will catch future subscriptions as well. You can then choose to review your subscriptions monthly or weekly. You can also remove emails from your Rollup and send them straight to your inbox instead.

Some marketers have called 2015 the end of email marketing with services like making it easier to unsubscribe from retailer’s sales pitches. We think differently. When presented with our list of subscriptions we removed just over half of them, the ones we kept are newsletters we have a genuine interested in, and now they won’t be lost in a wave of junk mail we’re more likely to see and read them. The pressure is on the marketer’s shoulders however to produce a newsletter worth keeping.

unroll needs access to your inbox and contacts to run the scan but they don’t keep your password on file. If you have a Gmail or account the service uses the authentication tool OAuth to access your subscriptions, but if you use AOL, iCloud or Yahoo you will need to provide your log-in details.

Speak to our IT support geeks for further information.