Things We Like #2 – Christmas Edition

Christmas Things We Like: Santa hat next to a small Christmas tree

As a very techy lot our IT support geeks often come across interesting apps and websites that make our lives easier or just more entertaining. Welcome to the Christmas edition of our ‘Things We Like’!

Out of Milk

Out of milk logo - milk bottle on blue background

Here’s a brilliant app that will make your Christmas preparations more manageable. Out of Milk allows you to create ToDo lists, shopping lists and existing pantry lists. All of them can be synced with other users which makes it so much easier to organise the family in busy Christmas time. You can add items to your shopping list manually or scan barcodes if you think of something else while in the store. The app will help you manage your finances by tracking your spend (you can even adjust the tax rate if it’s relevant). Our favourite feature of the app is the pantry list; you can create a list of all the products in your food cupboard or on your spice rack and mark whether you’re fully stock or running low on them. Never again buy a bag of flour only to realize that you’ve already had two of them at the back of the top shelf. The pantry list is also great for controlling the number of snacks you get. Out of Milk is very useful for everyday shopping but when it comes to Christmas time it’s a must-have!

Christmas Recipes Online

Christmas recipes are often passed onto younger generations by their relatives. However, if you’d like to try something different, here’s a list of our recommendations for cooking websites:


Nigella Lawson, a journalist, best-selling author and host of her own cooking show is Nina’s go-to. Her dishes are delicious (especially the light desserts), easy to make and most of them look great.


For a cruelty-free Christmas try this amazing website and their choice of Christmas recipes by different chefs. Travis’ personal recommendation is Roasted Balsamic Brussel Sprouts.


Our favourite culinary blog is The Veg Space by Kate Ford. She prepared a wide range of vegan Christmas dishes: mains, sides and desserts. We especially like the orange and maple carrots.

Elf Yourself

This Christmas app will create hilarious videos of you and your colleagues or friends dancing as Santa’s Elves. Perfect for the company’s social media.

Christmas Radio

Christmas Radio icon, Santa's reindeer in front of the moon

If music is what sets you in the mood, you should probably try the Christmas Radio for Android and iOS that allows you to listen to over 80 Christmas-themed Internet radio stations. Whether you’re a jazz or country fan, the app will offer something right for you. There’s even a North Pole Radio serving the freshest hits from the Santa land!