IT Equipment Purchasing & Procurement

Keeping up with all of the latest technology for your business is time-consuming and can be confusing. Often deals that seem cheap at first glance end up costing a lot more in lost staff productivity and frustration because of being slow and not suited for business (e.g. networking equipment designed for home use or laptops with SSD’s that are too small to sync your files).

Our IT equipment purchasing and procurement service makes it easy for you to get the best IT hardware and software products for your business at the best prices. Our qualified Bristol based specialists offer independent advice on the best IT equipment for your business from leading brands. Through our IT support service we offer specialist advice on all of your IT needs including laptops and PCs, networking equipment, server and data backup and software licensing.  

Dial a Geek partner with leading suppliers including Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Synology, so that our Bristol and South West clients get the best deals possible for their businesses. We’ll help you discover the products that will boost the efficiency of your team and your business so that everything works seamlessly together from accessing the internet, protecting your business with firewalls, providing your people with access to servers through to data storage equipment, IP telephones and the latest must-have devices for Mac users.

Why renew your IT Equipment?

  • The next generation of workers expects greater flexibility and high levels of mobility with their roles. So, in order to attract the best talent, your technology has to be up to the job. A flexible IT service infrastructure that enables your people to use the latest smartphones, tablets and IoT devices will allow the modern digital workforce to do their jobs more effectively.
  • Today’s customers want to be able to communicate in a way that suits them which means adapting your IT equipment so that you can communicate across multiple devices and apps. You might also want to create break out spaces and conference rooms for your team to work more collaboratively, enable them to communicate via Skype and Google hangouts to reduce travel costs and improve efficiency.
  • Secure your IT equipment and keep control of how your people use your technology including which apps you give them access to and organising what they can do and see when connected to your network.
  • Upgrading your current equipment may also be an option, depending on the current spec. This reduces e-waste by extending the lifecycle of existing equipment and keeps costs down.

Why use Dial A Geek for IT Equipment Purchasing?

  • Plan ahead so that your IT purchase decisions don’t come as a surprise, we’ll discuss your IT budget including how much you need to spend in order to operate efficiently and future proof your business.
  • Avoid wasting money on the latest technology fads, only investing in technology that supports your business and helps you grow.
  • Reduce the cost of IT procurement due to our knowledge of which suppliers offer the best deals on each product.
  • Save time by us installing your hardware and implementing the latest software so that you don’t waste time figuring out how to do it yourself.
  • Seamlessly transfer your existing data and settings to your new equipment.
  • Manage warranty returns and repairs due to accidental damage, ensuring staff productivity
  • Take advantage of our managed services which means that we monitor your IT systems so that your technology experiences fewer problems.
  • Talk to us about cloud services. The increasing availability and quality of services such as Microsoft 365, G Suite and online backup services often reduce the need to invest in expensive hardware and software.
  • Safely and securely dispose of your old IT equipment. We can recycle your IT equipment, redeploying any that is still useful or finding a grateful home for any that has past if useful life.

IT Purchasing FAQs

Do the devices come with extended warranty?

The laptops and desktops we supply come with a 3 years Next Business Day warranty.

Can I lease equipment from Dial A Geek?

We have a sustainable leasing partner we work with, these are usually for 30 plus devices, we also provide lifecycle management and tracking within this.

After 3yrs, devices can be expended on the lease or replaced with new devices (handed back to be securely refurbished and reused) There is also a purchase option.

Will an asset register be kept of all devices provided?

We don’t keep an asset register for Ad-Hoc Work clients. However, our support contracts include us assigning asset tags to hardware purchased from us, when on our RMM tool you can request an up to date asset register at any point.

Will the computers also be set up by Dial A Geek?

We will set up the devices for you, so they are encrypted, have an effective antivirus and all the software you need. Alongside this we will connect Outlook and When new staff are being onboarded, we supply the hardware directly to the staff member, with the tools they need to do their job including line of business apps, VPN connections etc.

Are there discounts for bulk purchases?

We can look at discounts on 10 or more laptops or desktops, just ask.

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