Nina Sawicka

Why sustainable finance and investment are here to stay

Environmental, Social and Governance – or ESG – factors are transforming the way that investors and even some of the world’s largest asset management companies are choosing to invest their big bucks. Something of a perfect storm (yes, that is a climate change pun) has been growing in recent years: On one hand, consumer attitudes

Common Cybersecurity scams, & the red flags to look out for

A UK Cyber Survey found that 42% of British people actually expect to lose money to online fraud. With this shocking statistic in mind, we asked our founder (and Chief Geek) Gildas Jones all about cybersecurity scams covering the most common and most unexpected red flags that consumers and businesses alike should keep an eye

Get on board with CSR as a driver of business

Up until recently, Corporate Social Responsibility was seen by many organisations as something they had to sometimes add on top of their other activities and processes. Now, more and more organisations are realising that not only can they achieve more good by building more socially and environmentally responsible practices into the way they work, there’s

Wfh – whose responsibility is home broadband?

Remote working numbers were on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic. But during and since, they’ve skyrocketed. This has led to conversations about who is responsible for providing things like broadband, heating, or office equipment.

Employee monitoring software: productivity vs ethics

The rise in hybrid and remote working has led many organisations to start using employee monitoring software to check on their distributed teams. But monitoring your team’s productivity remotely leads to all kinds of ethical considerations. Where does monitoring for productivity purposes end and privacy begin?

What is a hacktivist? Understanding their rise

Hacker by the window

What is a hacktivist? Sometimes referred to as cyber activists, “hacktivists” are non-mercenary individuals or groups who target organisations whose actions have the appearance of environmental or social responsibility but none of the substance.