Nina Sawicka

Ethical business is a benefit not a cost

Over 95% of the top companies in the world said in a recent survey that they believed ethical business was a benefit. Not a cost. This is a sea change in terms of direction. It means that the world’s leading businesses recognise that being (and being perceived as being) ethical isn’t a “nice to have”

What some still overlook about ethical business and recruitment

If you want to hire the talent of tomorrow, it’s worth understanding how tightly entwined ethical business and recruitment have become over the past decade. This is something that Gen Z – the generation of people born between 1996 and 2010 – feels particularly strongly about. But it’s not just confined to them. Because more

How to make cybersecurity more accessible

Man looking through a keyhole

Cybersecurity isn’t usually designed to make your team’s lives difficult. Accessibility issues are more likely to be accidental oversights. But they can still be problematic. Here’s how to make cybersecurity more accessible (while retaining its effectiveness) and why it’s worth doing so: Accessibility in cybersecurity The point of accessibility is to ensure that no disability

Do you need a Managed Service Provider?

Watching their IT team slowly drown under a weight of tasks and an ad hoc system that’s stretched and inefficient leaves many organisations wondering: Do I need a Managed Service Provider? Even if you have an in-house IT team, using a Managed Service Provider might be a more cost-effective way to get the expertise you

How businesses can reduce their carbon footprint 

Commercial companies are responsible for a whopping 20% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. This makes it vital to figure out how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint. At least, that is, if we don’t want to live in a world where the current extreme weather events and the like are more and more common. But

What is the difference between CSR and ESG?

On the surface, these increasingly common terms sound interchangeable. They’re not though. So, what’s the difference between CSR and ESG? Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social, and Governance certainly do have some overlap. They both relate to environmental and sustainability practices. The use of both terms is certainly on the rise as consumer purchase decisions

How to create a killer strategy for sustainable business

By now, everyone is well aware of the climate emergency. Every person and organisation needs to take action. But where do we start? The first step is to have a strategy for sustainable business. One that shows clear progress towards change. Because huge numbers of people (read: your customers) now prioritise their spending based on

HR and happiness – what your HR could be doing to make people happy

Everyone knows that a happy team is a big benefit to an organisation. Happy teams are more productive and more loyal. They effectively become ambassadors for your company. But a happy workplace doesn’t normally just happen. It can take thought and planning. Some of that will be down to your Human Resources team. So, how