Nina Sawicka

How to create your IT security policy as an SME

If you’re an SME owner, it’s often difficult to get everything you need to get done finished every day. For many of us, an IT security policy is something it’s easy to continually put in the “tomorrow” pile. This is particularly easy to do when you’re starting from nothing. You might not have gotten much

Is AI all hype? DAG in promotional script snafu

You know the drill. Your business is launching new services. How will you market them? At Dial A Geek, we thought we’d get ChatGPT to give us a clue. It left us thinking: is AI all hype? Because the result we got back when asking for a one-minute promotional video script was… Well. It was

Cybersecurity vs compliance – do you know how they differ?

Cybersecurity and compliance are terms that are often used interchangeably. You can see why. Both are all about helping you manage your organisation’s digital security. But – and this is a big but – each has a very different motivation, focus, and methods attached to it: Compliance is driven by business needs. It’s often designed

What is penetration testing (and who should do it)? 

Do you need to be absolutely sure there are zero holes in your cybersecurity protections that an attacker could exploit? If so, learning what penetration testing is all about might be for you. But penetration testing isn’t for everyone. Smaller businesses can often get by without this kind of intensive, active test of their cybersecurity.

Have you ticked off your end of year office IT checklist?

It’s beginning to feel a lot like… time to turn everything off before you high-tail it for the snowy hills. But have you ticked off your end of year office IT checklist? Before you sign off for Christmas, make sure you’ve done all of the following: Your end of year IT checklist 1) Turn off

Ethical business is a benefit not a cost

Over 95% of the top companies in the world said in a recent survey that they believed ethical business was a benefit. Not a cost. This is a sea change in terms of direction. It means that the world’s leading businesses recognise that being (and being perceived as being) ethical isn’t a “nice to have”

What some still overlook about ethical business and recruitment

If you want to hire the talent of tomorrow, it’s worth understanding how tightly entwined ethical business and recruitment have become over the past decade. This is something that Gen Z – the generation of people born between 1996 and 2010 – feels particularly strongly about. But it’s not just confined to them. Because more

How to make cybersecurity more accessible

Man looking through a keyhole

Cybersecurity isn’t usually designed to make your team’s lives difficult. Accessibility issues are more likely to be accidental oversights. But they can still be problematic. Here’s how to make cybersecurity more accessible (while retaining its effectiveness) and why it’s worth doing so: Accessibility in cybersecurity The point of accessibility is to ensure that no disability

Do you need a Managed Service Provider?

Watching their IT team slowly drown under a weight of tasks and an ad hoc system that’s stretched and inefficient leaves many organisations wondering: Do I need a Managed Service Provider? Even if you have an in-house IT team, using a Managed Service Provider might be a more cost-effective way to get the expertise you