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Are you avoiding these 5 key compliance mistakes?

Cybersecurity compliance is a worthy and highly necessary goal for any organisation. But many companies risk their reputation and their security by making key compliance mistakes. So, how about it? How many of these are you managing to avoid? How many of these compliance mistakes does your business make? 1) Neglecting an internal audit An

Mac security – how to protect your data when you’re an Apple user

More and more cybercriminals are targeting Apple Mac users these days. So, how good is Mac security? How do you protect your data when you’re an Apple user? Because Apple is working hard to put better security in place for Mac. But cybercriminals are always developing more sophisticated strategies. Here is the latest low-down on

What is password fatigue? (and how to cure it)

You know the score. You have one password for your email. Another for that account. Another for this. Before you know it, you need to remember ten passwords. Password fatigue sets in. The end result is a whole lot of grumbling on your part. And probably quite a few clicks on the old “forgot password”

What is a Zero Trust security model? (and how to implement it)

The Zero Trust security model means your workplace computer network verifies every user’s permission to be using it at all times. In today’s cybersecurity landscape, it’s vital. Because you might have been able to just about “get by” up until now. But cybersecurity attacks are massively on the rise. They’re also getting more and more

New Year Resolutions – business IT security version

New Year, new you? The New Year is the time many organisations choose to reset and set new goals. And when it comes to business IT security, 2024 is going to be the make-or-break year for many organisations. Malicious cybercrime is on the rise. In 2023, the average cost of an attack against a medium-sized

AiTM phishing attacks are on the rise: how to protect yourself

AiTM Phishing Attacks graphic - decorative

Adversary in The Middle phishing attacks have been around for a while. But now they’re on the rise in a big way. Responsible business owners need to know how to protect themselves. This isn’t a minor threat. The consequences of this latest wave of phishing attacks include financial fraud, lost data, brand damage, potential consumer

Cyber Essentials overview and requirements

Cyber Essentials is one of the easiest and most effective ways to know that you have done your due diligence on Cybersecurity for your business. Not only does it protect you against the common cyber threats out there, but it demonstrates to others that you’ve done so. If you’re bidding for a government contract or

How to implement a Green IT strategy: step by step

If you want to improve your productivity as well as your environmental impact, you need to know how to implement a Green IT strategy. A step-by-step approach improves your odds of success. Because old-school ways of doing IT mean bigger carbon footprints, waste, and cost inefficiencies too. But it is possible to make your business

What level of cybersecurity compliance does your company need?

Cybersecurity is complicated. Not only is protecting your company from threats difficult, but there are also numerous compliance standards you’re supposed to meet. But what level of cybersecurity compliance does your company need? Why would you need to be compliant at all? If you still haven’t taken the absolutely critical steps necessary to safeguard your

5 ways tech can help you minimise your environmental impact 

Being a “green” business isn’t easy. But there are ways tech can help you minimise your environmental impact. This is something that can have huge benefits. Because being ecologically sound has gone mainstream. Consumers are prioritising using socially and environmentally sustainable brands. This means businesses that can successfully demonstrate their green policies are profiting by