Gildas Jones

Cyber Essentials overview and requirements

Cyber Essentials is one of the easiest and most effective ways to know that you have done your due diligence on Cybersecurity for your business. Not only does it protect you against the common cyber threats out there, but it demonstrates to others that you’ve done so. If you’re bidding for a government contract or

How to implement a Green IT strategy: step by step

If you want to improve your productivity as well as your environmental impact, you need to know how to implement a Green IT strategy. A step-by-step approach improves your odds of success. Because old-school ways of doing IT mean bigger carbon footprints, waste, and cost inefficiencies too. But it is possible to make your business

What level of cybersecurity compliance does your company need?

Cybersecurity is complicated. Not only is protecting your company from threats difficult, but there are also numerous compliance standards you’re supposed to meet. But what level of cybersecurity compliance does your company need? Why would you need to be compliant at all? If you still haven’t taken the absolutely critical steps necessary to safeguard your

5 ways tech can help you minimise your environmental impact 

Being a “green” business isn’t easy. But there are ways tech can help you minimise your environmental impact. This is something that can have huge benefits. Because being ecologically sound has gone mainstream. Consumers are prioritising using socially and environmentally sustainable brands. This means businesses that can successfully demonstrate their green policies are profiting by

We’re officially a B Corp!

We are very excited to announce that we have just joined the exclusive circle of B Corporations! Our journey wasn’t easy but it was worth it – not just because of the certification but also the real changes to our business, that benefit our employees, our customers, and our community and environment. If you’re thinking

Top tech sustainability trends

Most modern technology requires increasingly rare resources to produce. It all takes energy to run, much of which is still supplied by fossil fuels. For business leaders that care, the top tech sustainability trends that are emerging offer a potentially brighter future. Here are the trends to watch – as well as some things you

Which cloud services provider is the most ethical?

Cloud computing is here to stay – and it’s only going to get bigger and more centralised. This gives the three largest providers – Google, Microsoft and Amazon – huge power. And huge responsibility. So, which cloud services provider is the most ethical? This is an important question. Because data centres – the buildings that

What is Green IT? (And why is it so hard to be sustainable?)

They cost energy to run. They require rare resources to make. Being sustainable with your tech – otherwise known as “green IT” – is far from easy. However, there are major benefits for organisations that put green IT at the heart of their tech strategy. For one, there is money to be saved – not

What is the circular economy?

Huge numbers of companies are currently trying to become more sustainable. For many, part of this involves transitioning to the “circular economy”. But what is the circular economy? And why are so many businesses in so many industries interested in it? Because from the European Commission to the governments of Canada and the Netherlands to