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With over 30 years' experience behind us in almost every area of tech support, we've got the expertise your business needs.

Gildas Jones
Chief Geek

Gildas Jones - Chief Geek

"I love meeting clients and talking through their business requirements and aims. When I’m not doing that, I’ll usually be writing quotes and proposals, managing staff, developing new products and services… or any of a hundred other tasks!"

Gildas Jones - Chief Geek Cartoon

"Outside of family life I like to play badminton and tennis, which I've taken up in the last few years, it makes a good contrast to work."

Edoardo Ciccarelli
IT Security Geek &
Ops Manager

Edoardo Ciccarelli - Network Security Geek

"My job involves solving technology- or network-related problems for our customers and it often throws up some interesting challenges. I enjoy the variety."

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Edoardo Ciccarelli <br>Network Security Geek cartoon

"Out of work, I follow the techy-est sounds of electronic music, DJ, organise events, as well as support and promote artists."

Glen Greenhalgh
Business Support Geek

Glen Greenhalgh - Business Support Geek

"My job is calling and visiting businesses to troubleshoot their IT. My favourite parts of the job are taking on projects and solving problems. Every day brings something new!"

Glen Greenhalgh - Business Support Geek cartoon

"Outside of work I like skating and mountain biking. You can also find me attending gigs locally"

Joe Geuley
First Line Support Geek

Joe Geuley - First Line Support Geek

"I was Dial A Geek's first (ever!) apprentice. Apart from providing first line support for our business clients, I also dispatch incoming tickets and assist and train the other apprentices when needed. I enjoy troubleshooting, software and hardware repairs or upgrades."

Joe Geuley - Trainee Geek cartoon

"In my spare time I like to play the popular online MOBA League of Legends, going to the gym and hanging out with my friends."

Yusra Shaeik
First Line Support Geek

Yusra Shaeik - Trainee Geek

"As an apprentice, I assist the Geeks in their everyday tasks: troubleshooting, repair of hardware and software. I am also responsible for our data recovery services."

Yusra Shaeik - Trainee Geek

"I enjoy watching philosophical debates and reading books on complicated topics which always result in my confusion. My next goal is to learn Korean so I can watch shows without subtitles. Wish me luck!"

Nina Sawicka
Marketing Geek

Nina Sawicka - Marketing Geek

"Everyday at work is slightly different to me. I work with Gildas to push Dial A Geek forward as a business, liaise with our creative partners and run our profiles on social media. I speak to our clients a lot. I also support Travis in the general Geek Wrangling."

Nina Sawicka - Marketing Geek cartoon

"Outside of the office I play music under my stage name I-Sha-Vii. If you hear I’m on holidays, it probably means I’m having a lot of fun touring with my band."

Travis Roth
Geek Wrangler

Travis Roth - Geek Wrangler

"I'm responsible for admin, invoicing, calendar management and translating the nerd words the technicians use into actual human words for our customers

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Travis Roth - Geek Wrangler cartoon

"In my spare time, I mostly teach Yoga. I also skate with Bristol Roller Derby." 

Jack Scott
First Line Support Geek

Raoul Strachan - Enterprise Geek

"As an apprentice I assist in the setup, troubleshooting, and repair of clients' hardware and software. I enjoy getting hands-on with hard drives and successfully solving issues."

Jack - Enterprise Geek cartoon

"When I'm not at Dial A Geek, I enjoy helping local theatre groups with their lighting and sound, and if I'm not at a theatre... I'll be out with friends."