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Keeping your team connected.

It’s very rare that all of your team are in the same place at the same time, so we’ve got a few smart tools to make sure you all stay connected and keep working on projects while you’re out and about delivering your core service.

We can help you get the most out of tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to help your team work together and become more productive wherever they are.

Sensitive data secured.

Data security is such an important aspect of everything you do. From supporter details, to employee, supplier and beneficiary information, you need to be making sure you’re approach to storing and handling data meets the regulations and can’t put you in any danger.

Our secure storage solutions will keep your data safe and accessible only by those with the right permissions, from any secured and authorised device, be it laptop, mobile or tablet.

Cutting out the bottlenecks.

One of the biggest barriers to productivity is your team’s ability to work together on projects. By being able to share and update files no matter where you are, there’s no need to add unnecessary travel time to all meet in one place.

With tools to securely talk and collaborate, you can keep things moving forward. And our managed wireless and structured cabling products give you the bandwidth and speed you need in your office.

Helping the latest tech work for you.

We’re very aware of the funding pressures that not for profit organisations are under year after year, that’s why our focus is on enabling you to get the most out of the latest technology, without you having to dedicate any of your own time and resource on implementing or managing it. Some of the technology companies we work with also give discounts for not for profit organisations, so we’ll always see how we can help reduce the amount you need to spend. We hope this leaves you to spend more productive time delivering your core services.

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