Team connectivity, wherever you are.

With team members working on site, managing the business from your main office and out estimating your next opportunity, you need to be able to keep everyone connected and working together to get projects delivered on time and on budget.

Using tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, and providing connectivity with dedicated, secure internet and WiFi, we can help you all become more productive and stay on top of the critical areas of your projects.

Keeping your data secure.

The data and files you work with every day contain a lot of personal and company sensitive details, so making sure that only the people with the right permissions have access to your client, employee, supplier, project and tender response information.

And because you need access to this information wherever you are, our secure storage service can be accessed from any authorised device, from anywhere in the world.

Large files? No problem.

Large files are commonplace in construction. Project plans, tender documents and job sheets, these all need to be quick and easy to access. Add to this the number of people you have transferring files, sending emails, accessing online resources all at the same time, the bandwidth of your internet connection needs to be able to handle all the traffic.

Our managed wireless and structured cabling products give you the bandwidth and speed you need and will ensure all members of your team can work unhindered, wherever they are.

Grow through new technology.

With technology in the construction sector evolving quickly, we’re working with our construction clients to help them get the most benefit from tools like BIM (Building Information Modelling) and the latest project management and collaboration software.

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