Extracellular is the first dedicated manufacturing partner supporting cultivated meat.

The cultivated meat industry is reaching an exciting phase and Extracellular’s services are designed to support development, manufacturing, and commercialisation at all stages of cellular agriculture.

Business Challenge

Extracellular reached out to us looking for help with their cybersecurity and compliance.

Their main issue was that although the work they were doing was amazing and made them incredibly competitive in the market, their lack of compliance was stopping them from getting additional funding and winning bigger contracts.

The Solution

Extracellular joined our Managed Service. This guaranteed them Cyber Essentials certification by the end of the onboarding project (8 weeks) and created a good foundation for our next compliance plans together – Cyber Essentials Plus within the next couple of months, and ISO27001 in the following year.

How we did it


Introducing a dedicated Account and Project Manager was a game changer for the way we onboard our clients.

The entire onboarding process, including achieving Cyber Essentials certification, was completed efficiently in just 8 weeks.

During this time, we delivered an all-in-one holistic Managed Service solution. This encompassed:

  • A complete digital transformation
  • Ongoing helpdesk support
  • Filling the security vendor form
  • Completion of Cyber Essentials certification
  • Liaising with Extracellular’s building manager to update their network setup


The onboarding project was divided into phases. We took things one step at a time. This made the big project more manageable both for us and the client.

To start with, we assessed the urgency of the different phases and decided to prioritise securing the client’s systems and Cyber Essentials.


Regular client engagement was a key element of the onboarding process. We conducted weekly calls to keep the client in the loop, address queries from their technical contact, and offer additional support.

Those feedback sessions led to the identification of additional requirements. This enabled us to tailor our services to most effectively meet Extracellular’s specific needs.

Throughout the process, the client primarily interacted with their dedicated account manager, Yusra, who efficiently managed the entire project. They also had direct contact with Edoardo and Sam during specific project phases.

Most tasks were carried out remotely to minimise downtime, but we also conducted three on-site visits. This provided the client with an opportunity to meet our team in person.


  • Thanks to our tailored process, we identified the most significant threats and priorities for Extracellular. This allowed us to structure the onboarding process to meet their specific needs and to complete the project as soon as possible.
  • Our structured approach to the project ensured that Extracellular’s technical contact was fully informed on the progress of the project and what to expect next.
  • By aligning the foundations of the client’s IT security with best practices, we provided a clear roadmap for advanced compliance.
  • Thanks to the compliance achieved, Extracellular can apply for additional funding and work with larger clients – after just 8 weeks on service!
  • With the implementation of our IT strategy, Extracellular can further scale its operations.
  • Our speedy helpdesk support has been ensuring the client’s productivity since day one of their contract.
  • Finally, Extracellular enjoys peace of mind, knowing that all their IT needs are being taken care of.


‘Dial A Geek has been brilliant with our managed IT transition. The onboarding process was very smooth, and they got started immediately with making the necessary changes. They are very quick to respond to support tickets and the whole team is very knowledgeable. They also assisted us in acquiring our Cyber Essentials accreditation, and once again, the service was faultless. Even as a one-man IT department, it was extremely easy to work with Dial A Geek. I would absolutely recommend them for your business.’

-Alex Tolenaar, Bioprocess Analyst at Extracellular