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Gildas Jones - Director of Dial a Geek

Gildas Jones – Chief Geek

Gildas Jones, Chief Geek

Inspired by his previous job in IT support for a TV production company, our main man Gildas founded Dial a Geek in 2006.

“I wanted to provide a service that aims to understand the needs of individuals and businesses to help them to get the most out of their technology,” Gildas explains. “At the same time, I wanted to provide this support in a clear, non-techy and non-patronising way.”

Nine years on, these aims still define Dial a Geek’s approach to technical support.

When he’s not running the show here, Gildas enjoys taking time out with his family, discovering HBO’s latest quality shows, playing tennis and listening to new music.

Martin Greaney, Business Support Geek

Martin is a geek of many talents; before he joined the Dial a Geek team he ran his own IT business and has written a book on the history of his hometown, Liverpool. If your IT is stressing you out, Martin is the man  to keep you calm and help you carry on.

Edoardo Ciccarelli, Linux Geek

Every team needs a good all-rounder, and for us that’s Edoardo. His working life is dedicated to a heady mix of Linux System administration, security and data recovery, while weekends are all about getting active or having a mix on the turntables.

Jennifer Rollason, Marketing Geek

After rocketing into the Dial a Geek office in 2014, Jennifer swiftly took control of our online presence: when you say hi to us on Twitter at @DialaGeek, she’ll be the one tweeting back. You’ll also find Jennifer representing us at events and, when she’s not at work, speeding around on her roller skates as a member of the Bristol Roller Derby team.

Travis Roth, Geek Wrangler

Travis is the welcoming voice on the end of the Dial a Geek phone. When he’s not helping our clients or wrangling our geeks, he is busy teaching yoga in studios across Bristol.