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Scale Up to the next level

Where do you see yourself and your company this time next year?

Leverage your use of tech and take your business to that next level. From ensuring your team can collaborate on-the-go to satisfying your investor compliance commitments, we free up your time to focus on growing your business.

Ideal for fast-growth start-ups that need their tech to scale as they do, Scale Up drives your business’s progress towards your goals.

Adopt these key technology drivers of growth

Professionalise the way your company makes use of technology. Because we’ve already faced the same challenges you do, we understand how to support you as you Scale Up.

Like the staff of our other clients, your people will get to know our team as if they are part of yours. Working together so closely means we multiply your team’s productivity.

We do so by transforming your tech set-up and delivering the essential services which a growing modern company simply can’t do without:

Move to the Cloud

Start as you mean to go on. As a fully managed cloud-based system that uses tools like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to achieve secure file storage and protect yourself against data loss. Not to mention work together at a distance as easily as you do in the same physical office.

Collaborate globally

Keep your busy team connected no matter where in the world they happen to be. With Microsoft SharePoint and other world-leading collaboration tools at your fingertips.

Maximise your cybersecurity

Protect your rapidly growing reputation. Safeguard your personal and professional identities. Institute email hardening – a critical baseline security measure. Get Cyber Essentials and cyber security training for your entire team if required. Everything necessary to maximise your cybersecurity.

Secure contracts through compliance

Sign those key contracts with investors, partners, and the UK government. To do this, you must be Cyber Essentials compliant. We make sure you are.

Consult on your future

Work with our specialists to create an IT Roadmap for your business. The relationships we build with our clients over time means we come to understand exactly where they are – and where they’re going. We’ll show you how to exploit your technology to get to where you’re going faster.

Count on ever-ready support

Say goodbye to missed delivery deadlines and a frustrated team. Work with engineers who really know your systems. It’s like having an in-house IT technician. But without the salary and holiday cover.

Set-up and manage devices with ease

Keep in control of all your company devices. Standardise your laptop and desktop set-ups to ensure you maintain the highest professional standards and security.

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We know what it means to grow and professionalise your company (we've been through it) and that's why we understand the challenges that you face as a rapidly growing organisation.

Whether it’s helping you with compliance to satisfy your investors, helping you with digital transformation or just freeing up some of your time and acting as an extension of your team, so you can focus on growing your business, we’ve got you covered.



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Are you a well-established organisation? Our Managed Service packages offer you complete peace on mind, with all your IT requirements being taken care of 24/7. Our expert knowledge of business IT solutions allows us to help you maximise your profits by increasing your efficiency and productivity.

We are experienced working with highly sensitive industries, and we understand compliance, so let us protect your systems, your sensitive data, and your reputation.

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