Business Data Recovery

We understand that losing your work documents is a very stressful situation and you are looking for a company to look after and carefully retrieve your data.

Our Bristol based IT support specialists offer a comprehensive cost-effective service for all your data recovery needs.

We specialise in Business Data Recovery on Hard Drives from laptops to Raid. Including External USB / Firewire hard drives, USB memory sticks, Camera media, NAS Drives, Apple Macs.

The First Stage is the Diagnostic.

Our process is based on a case by case basis because until we can investigate the drive we cannot know if and how we can extract the data and the exact costs.

The diagnostic costs £35+VAT (£42) for our standard service. We also offer an Express Diagnostic if you are in a hurry for your data.

Diagnostic Results and Next Steps:

Step 1) Our technicians will identify the main issue with the drive so we can give you a minimum price for recovery.

Step 2) Once you have confirmed you are happy to pay the minimum price upon successful recovery of your data, we can continue the diagnostic process. If you do not accept the minimum price you can collect your drive from us and there will be nothing further to pay (please note that the diagnostic fee will not be reimbursed).

Step 3) If we are able to recover the data for the minimum price or below, we will proceed with recovery. If we find further issues with your drive, we will send you a new quote for your approval.

Step 4) Once we have recovered your data we will send you an email to arrange a transfer to a new Hard Drive or USB.

Step 5) You can collect your drive from our office or we can send it to you by post.

Data Recovery FAQs

What is data recovery?

It’s the process of recovering your important files and other data such as emails and photos from damaged hard drives or other storage devices.

What are the causes of data loss?

All hard drives and storage devices have a life span and will fail at some point. While you can expect to get three to five years use out of a hard drive the longer they go on, the more likely they are to fail. As it gets near to the end of its life you may notice errors with the operating system, frequent freezes or warnings of corrupted data.

Which devices can you recover data from?

Apple Mac
-Laptop or PC
-External Hard Drive
-USB or Pen Drive
-Network Attached Storage (NAS)

What type of data can you recover?

-Microsoft Office files such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents
-Sage & Quickbooks files
-Access database files
-Photos and images
-Emails and address books
-Indeed, pretty much anything that can be stored on a hard drive

What is the cost of data recovery?

Every data recovery job is different and is affected by many different factors which unfortunately makes it difficult to give an accurate cost prior to running a diagnostic test on your drive. Following a diagnostic, we can give you a minimum price followed by an accurate quote once we have started the recovery process.

How long does data recovery take?

Our standard service takes 14 days. We can fast track your recovery job if it’s mission-critical data. Get in touch to find out the cost for a faster turn around.

How much data can I expect to recover?

We always aim to recover as much data as possible. However, it’s impossible to guarantee a 100% success rate. In our experience recovering 85% of your data is considered a successful recovery.

Will you repair my hard drive as part of the process?

Unfortunately not, we can only provide the data. The data can be restored only on a separate drive if you need us to provide a new drive or USB device we can do so at an extra cost. If you need your hard drive back as it’s under warranty please discuss with this when you call.

What happens if another company has already attempted to recover my data?

If the plastic hard drive case has been opened by another data recovery company that should be fine. If the metal case has been opened we need to assess whether the drive has been contaminated. We will need to speak to the previous data recovery company to find out what has already been attempted otherwise, there is a £120 ex VAT charge. We inspect your drive in a dedicated clean room which has been specially set up for this purpose. If we find that the drive has been contaminated we proceed with a decontamination process before attempting to recover your data (extra costs occur).

Do you store my data?

All of your data is treated with strict confidentiality. Once you are happy with the recovery we store your data for 2 weeks then it is deleted. We are 100% GDPR compliant.

How is my data returned to me?

We can supply your data on various devices depending on how much data there is. Options include a USB stick, external hard drive.

Do you recover data from Apple Macs?

Yes, we regularly recover data from Apple Macs including MacBooks, iMacs and MacBook Pros.

Do you recover data from Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices?

Yes, the types of devices we recover data from include: Synology, D-Link, Netgear ReadyNAS, and Buffalo TeraStation.

Can you give me some tips to avoid data recovery?

-Ensure that you carry out regular data backups.
-If you hear strange noises such as clicking or grinding coming from your hard drive get in touch with us immediately.

When do I need data recovery?

-If your computer has messages such as corrupt volume or no operating system found, shut down your computer to minimise the damage to your hard drive.
-If your drive has been damaged by water or other fluids do not attempt to dry your hard drive or switch your computer back on.

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