Structured cabling

With wireless access being the norm there still is a place for structured cabling installs. Structured cabling is great for high-speed networks, VOIP handsets, PDQ machines, server access, IoT devices, CCTV, door entry systems, display screens, printers and many other uses.

We can provide fully tested, inspected structured cabling from one single point to hundreds of points. We have updated older systems and completely replaced systems over a weekend.

Structured Cabling Design

We will work with your floor plans to find the best place for the outlets, including the wireless access points, we can work with the building contractors

Fluke Network Certifying

When you are moving to new premises that haven’t been rewired for a number of years. We will check whether the existing install is up to standard – not only the cables but also the outlet sockets, these often get damaged or a just hanging in there and cause issues.  Identifying faults prior to the move will save you any downtime.

Fault Finding and Diagnosis

Our Geeks will cure problems with your existing installs, these can be faulty and intermittent connections between buildings or just within the office space.

Patch Cable installations

We will make the cabinet patching schedule look a lot tidier for your piece of mind, if you current patch bay is looking like a mess of multi colour cabling that nobody wants to go near, we can ratify the setup and produce a clear patching schedule.

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Structured cabling