Our remote IT support sessions are free for clients on a Dial A Geek IT Support Plan. For everyone else we charge our standard rate, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes.

Remote Support

We can fix most IT issues by remotely connecting to your computer. The exceptions are when the computer is not turning on, hardware faults, and internet access issues. In those situations, we can either perform the work on-site, or you can bring your computer to our office.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties and you are able to access the internet on your device, email us or call us on 0117 369 4335 to arrange a remote support session.

Click For Remote Support

Please click on the button above when your technician asks you to do so. A small file called “ISL Lite Client” will download to your computer (PC or Mac), you will need to open the file and input the number your technician gives you. If you have any problems doing this we can talk you through it.