Centralised local storage can be an effective way of securely managing large amounts of company data: you know where it is stored and it’s a tangible asset.

Our team provides ongoing support for Windows servers, ensuring that they are backed up and working effectively.

We cover all aspects of Windows 2008 SBS, Server 2012, virtualized environments.

Some of our clients have over 100 TB of data stored on their servers. If you’ve got a large amount of data like this, then we’d recommend Network Attached Storage (NAS). Dial a Geek can provide the careful management and back up that these servers need.

Server migration

If you currently have a server and you think it’s time you moved to a cloud based system, talk to us.

We will advise you on the best course of action, as there are so many things to consider in the process: security, the speed of your broadband connection and software, such as Sage or a bespoke application, that runs on the server.

Working closely with you we will create an IT strategy for your business and manage the migration end to end to provide a smooth transition.

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