Unity Street Chambers

Introduction & Background

Unity Street Chambers are a leading set of Barristers based in Central Bristol. They have been on a support plan with Dial A Geek since 2016 – we’ve supported their desktops and server. In 2019 they had an FTTC Internet connection that was very unreliable – slow, or completely dropping out. It caused a lot of issues such as workflow interruption and long waiting time causing stress and delays.

Proposed Solution

After resolving multiple tickets, we advised Unity St Chamber to replace their FTTC up to 30Mbps connection with a much more reliable (and much faster, 100Mbps) Fibre Broadband.

Dial A Geek partnered up with Triangle Networks and City Fibre to instal the connection – we managed the process and installation, while City Fibre installed the infrastructure required. At a time the government was offering to cover the costs of line installation – but the vouchers were coming to an end, so we ensured that Unity Street Chambers signed their contract and the works began as soon as possible, to make the most of the government’s program and save our client high installation costs.


We have been on a support plan with Dial A Geek since 2016. We’ve always valued their help and expertise, so we were keen on the new broadband solution they proposed in a response to our connection regularly dropping out. We used to get frustrated and waste a lot of time on waiting for pages to load; whenever the internet completely stopped working, we couldn’t do our jobs. Now that we have Fibre broadband, we can finally get on with our work and waste no more time. We’re very grateful for Dial A Geek’s help and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their business tech.

– Clair Wadden, Senior Clerk

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