Sweet Joinery

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Introduction & Background

Sweet Joinery are one of the most successful and respected joinery firms in the South West and Dial A Geek have supported them for a few years (their sister-company Sweet Construct has been on a support plan with us since 2017).

Sweet Joinery have 10 staff members who work remotely, using mobile devices. They wanted to be able to manage all the devices – to ensure that all their employees have secure access to the appropriate company data and all the devices are up to date and setup with the right applications.

Proposed Solution

Dial A Geek suggested setting up Microsoft365 Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) and connecting all the mobile devices (all iPhones) to Apple business manager. Dial A Geek managed the project efficiently, implemented the solution with no interruption to the business, and provided all the policies necessary to introduce the solution to existing business structures.


We initially contacted Dial A Geek as we sought an MDM solution and required their expertise in achieving the right result for our requirements.

After an initial conversation with Glen, a project proposal was swiftly provided with their recommendations and project scope.

The project included an Intune discovery session and solution design, Intune configuration with Microsoft 365, Intune solution testing, device enrolment, and user guidance.

As we were in the middle of the pandemic when this project was taking place (Nov 2020), the entire project was successfully completed remotely and via Teams.

Thanks to Dial A Geek’s superior knowledge and expertise our MDM solution was effectively managed and delivered and meets our business needs.

– Joanne Sweet, People and Compliance Manager

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