Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (Bristol A.R.C.)

Yusra showing something on a tablet to a lady behind a counter, and playing with a dog at Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Introduction & Background

Bristol A.R.C is Bristol’s oldest animal rescue centre, affiliated with the national RSPCA. With over 100 years of Animal Care is after someone to Care after their IT.

The site on Albert Road, Bristol combines a rehoming centre, veterinary clinic and fundraising/admin office. The internet speed was 1 Mbps for both download and upload. Database and Storage systems were installed at different times and separately, overall, their IT was not in a good place.

Proposed Solution

Dial A Geek deployed an On-Premises solution with Cloud Backup. As well as a Fibre connection of 500Mbps.

As a result, a sturdy Synology NAS now handles all the data for the company with regular encrypted backups to the Cloud. Regular meetings between Dial A Geek and Bristol A.R.C. continue to monitor systems in an effort to spot emerging faults before they become major problems. The company is happily benefiting from Tier 3 Support Plan and obtained, through Dial A Geek, the Cyber Essentials qualification to feel up to date with their cybersecurity.


Edward Grinham
Edward Grinham
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