The benefits of Office 365 migration

H Sweet & Sons


H Sweet & Sons

Introduction & Background

H Sweet & Sons is a fast growing family-owned and operated business that has grown to become one of the region’s leading Main Contractors operating nationally across all sectors of construction.

As H Sweet started growing, their IT infostructure stopped fitting their needs.

Consequently, they started to experience issues on their Hosted Exchange Email service as they grew. As well, in terms of operations, it was difficult and time-consuming setting up and managing groups to improve internal communications.

Proposed Solution

Office 365 allows great scalability, shrink or enlarge on a pro-rata basis to accommodate business needs. As a result, H Sweet now benefits from this great platform and has Dial A Geek fully managing their emails and groups. Moreover, Dial A Geek is planning the next  IT implementations to boost productivity, improve security, data governance within Office 365.
More details will be available soon on our Blog.