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The initial call back in 2008 was to troubleshoot a printer connection in the office from one of the Macs.  After this was quickly resolved, it turned out there were other issues in the office with Apple Macs and the large Windows domain-based network.

One of the main issues being sharing files between the dept and access speeds to these files.

Working alongside the company that provided the support for large windows domain we implement a file server and backup system to resolve these issues.

  • Apple mac support for a busy design department, operating in PC based office.
  • Installed a dedicated file server for the design department.
  • Gigabit networking.
  • Setup a NAS drive that mirrors it content to the other site overnight for backup.
  • Set-up a Time machine backup for all the workstations, so the system and setups can be restored quickly in the event of a hardware failure
  • Researched a suitable cloud-based project management system.
  • Providing reliable ongoing support for the dept.

‘Dial a geek have transformed a potential network headache, into a new
effortless way of working, they provide an exceptional service which I can
recommend to others. From listening to our concerns and providing the best
solution we could have wished for, the network, backup and project
management system has taken the way we work to the next level.’

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