Sustainable IT

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Have you ever considered that IT could help reduce the carbon footprint of your business? As a GoGreen member and Green Capital Partnership pledge organisation we are committed to putting sustainability at the heart of the IT support we offer to our clients. As well as the obvious benefits to the environment, going green can also save you money, boost team moral, and have a positive impact on the local economy.

Bristol was selected as the European Green Capital in 2015 and Dial a Geek were proud to be chosen as the local IT company to set up the Bristol 2015 office and provide ongoing IT support.

Now we’d like to help other small businesses become greener and more sustainable.

Our Green IT Services

Our IT Audits provide you with a comprehensive overview of the IT in your business, flag up potential risks and highlight opportunities to improve your systems. We also offer a Green Audit which in addition to our standard audit includes  energy monitoring and recommendations for improving the carbon footprint of your business.

Improving the efficiency of your IT is a quick way to boost productivity and reduce the energy consumption of your business.

Keep an eye out for our next event: ‘Your Ticket to becoming a paperless office’ for an afternoon of Green IT solutions and advice from across the business sector.

How we practice sustainability in the Dial a Geek office:

  • We’ve partnered with Southmedia, an ethical web and design agency.
  • We recycle hardware through Byteback, a local and ethical electrical recycling business.
  • We are a Bristol Pound member and encourage our clients to shop locally using Bristol’s very own currency.
  • We do as much of our work as possible remotely, which means we don’t have to drive to a client’s office.
  • We try and keep our travel as green as possible, from using local suppliers to fueling our cars with chip fat, we are always mindful of the impact our transport has on the environment.
Follow our blog for tips and advice on becoming a more efficient, productive and greener office.